Common Signs That Indicate That Your Dryer Is In Need Of Repairs

Most households do multiple loads of laundry each week, so having a dryer that is in good working condition is essential. Thus, it can be alarming to discover that there is something wrong with your dryer that is preventing it from working as it should. If your dryer is malfunctioning, don't automatically assume that you will need to spend hundreds of dollars to repair it. In many cases, dryer problems can be fixed-- all you need to do is contact an appliance repair service for help. Some common signs that indicate that your dryer is in need of repair include the following.

Clothes Take a Long Time to Dry

After owning a dryer for a while, people tend to learn how long it takes for an average-sized load to dry completely. If you suddenly notice that your clothing is still wet after a drying cycle or if you are having to put your laundry through two drying cycles, your dryer needs some attention. There are a few different issues that can prevent your dryer from drying laundry in a timely manner. One problem could be a clogged dryer vent that is preventing airflow. It is also possible that the electrical fuse in your dryer is defective or the igniter may be broken. An appliance repair technician will be able to inspect your dryer, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

Dryer Drum Is Not Spinning

In order for you laundry to dry properly, the dryer drum needs to spin and tumble the clothing around. Unfortunately, problems can arise that stop the dryer drum from spinning. If you can hear that your dryer is on but you can tell that the drum is not spinning like it should, it is important to contact an appliance repair service. Your dryer may have a broken drive belt or a bad drive motor that needs to be replaced.

Strange Noises During Operation

One of the most common signs that there is something wrong with your dryer is strange noises when you turn your dryer on. When your dryer begins making strange noises,don't ignore it or brush it off-- if you fail to have your dryer repaired, more damage can occur each time that you dry a load of laundry, and eventually your dryer will fail and need to be replaced. Strange noises can be caused by a worn-out drum roller, a broken drive belt, or a bad idler pulley. 

To learn more, contact an appliance repair service.