3 Tips For Choosing A New Washer And Dryer

A washer and dryer are almost a necessity if you have space for them in your home. Being able to do laundry when it fits your schedule is much more convenient than hauling all your dirty clothes to the laundromat. Choosing the right appliances for your home can be challenging since there are so many features in new washer and dryer models. Here are three important decisions to make before you go to the appliance store to pick out a new washer and dryer.

1. Choose The Size By Taking Measurements

Measure the area where you'll place the washer and dryer and take the measurements with you to the appliance store so you know for sure if the new appliances will fit. Add several inches to the back for the space necessary for hookups, and add a few inches on the sides to allow space between the appliances and walls.

If you don't have much room, measure the height in the space for stacking appliances. If your washer and dryer will be in a closet or other small space, you may need to go with a stacking set due to space limitations.

2. Choose Between Top Loading And Front Loading

You may have a preference for the type of washer you like, but you may want to think about the pros and cons of each type. Unless you get an elevated washer, you'll have to stoop to take clothes out of a front loader. There is less stooping with a top loader, but if you're short, you may have a hard time reaching a sock stuck on the bottom.

Front-loading washers and dryers often have a larger capacity, so if you like to wash comforters at home or if you have a big family, a front loader might be a better match for you. If you live alone and you don't mind dropping off comforters at the laundromat, then you might want to save money and buy a top loader instead.

3. Know The Features You Need

Washers and dryers have many features for convenience, but some features aren't absolutely necessary to get your clothes clean. Know what's important to you, such as the ability to do a small load and conserve water or to have a second door that lets you add small items once the lid has locked.

By picking out an appliance set that has only the features you really need, you can control the cost of your new washer and dryer. However, if you have a larger budget and want the washer and dryer of your dreams, then learn how all the features work so you get the best use of your appliances when you get them home.

To learn more, contact an appliance store.