3 Outdoor Pizza Oven Features Ideal For Easy Cooking

When you shop for barbecue equipment on your deck, you will come across many types of outdoor pizza ovens. An outdoor pizza oven allows you to cook fresh-baked pizza and other foods like calzones or baked sandwiches. As you shop at a barbecue equipment store, you want to look for pizza oven features that will make it easier to cook pizza and other foods.

Check out the features to look for and how each one makes it easier to make pizzas at home on a regular basis.

1. Pizza Peel

A pizza peel provides the best ways to slide a pizza in and out of a pizza oven. When you purchase a pizza oven that comes with a peel, the peel design will fit exactly into the pizza oven. The purchase of a separate one could result in a peel that is too big or too small. With the right-sized peel, you can maximize the pizza size and make the most out of the oven space.

2. Freestanding Cart With Side Support

A freestanding pizza oven gives you a lot of versatility on your deck. You have the option to place the cart wherever you want and still cook pizza. Many of the freestanding carts will also include side shelves so you can prepare pizzas right next to the oven. The side shelves also make it easy to add extras to the top of a pizza.

For example, if you bake a barbecue chicken pizza, you could pull out the pizza, place it on the side shelf, and then add a barbecue sauce drizzle all over the top. The side support makes it easy to transfer pizzas in and out of the oven, especially when you have shelf options on both sides of the oven.

3. Oven Window & Interior Lights

As you get used to using the pizza oven, you will want to monitor each pie you make and ensure they cook correctly. You can easily do this with a pizza oven that includes an oven window. An oven window allows you to see inside while the pizza cooks. If you open the door too early, the dough could sink and not bake properly.

Along with the window, a pizza oven may include built-in lights so you can see the pizza in greater detail. The lights also help if you have to deal with issues like sun glare or if you cook at night and the light is not as visible.

Shop at an outdoor grilling store to find more information on the pizza ovens and the available features. For more information, contact a company like Charred 380 Grills & Outdoor.