Reasons To Buy A Top-Loading Agitator Washing Machine

You have a couple of basic choices when you buy a new top-loading washing machine. You can buy a machine with an agitator or a high-efficiency machine, and each has its good points. You might choose based on cost, capacity, or method of operation. Here's how these two types of washing machines differ and why you might want an agitator washing machine.

An Agitator Model Is More Affordable

A basic agitator model is usually more affordable than a high-efficiency machine. However, the higher-end agitator washers can be expensive. If your budget is the controlling force in what type of washing machine you need to buy, then a top-loading agitator machine is an option to look into.

Agitator Models Are Usually Smaller

An agitator washing machine is often smaller than a high-efficiency washer. This could be important if you have a small space for a washing machine. High-efficiency machines are available that handle high-capacity loads. If you wash blankets and comforters regularly, then you may want a high-efficiency, high-capacity washer that can handle big loads, but if space is an issue, then you may need an agitator washer.

Agitator Washers Have Shorter Wash Cycles

High-efficiency washers use less water than agitator machines, so the wash cycles are longer. If you like to get the wash done quickly, you might prefer the faster speed of an agitator machine. The downsides are that agitator machines can be noisy and they don't spin dry clothes as effectively as high-efficiency washers.

Agitator Washers May Be Easier To Use

Since high-efficiency washers are large, you may have difficulty reaching in the tub to pull out clothes that are stuck on the bottom. If you're shorter than average, you might find this annoying. Agitator washers are also more convenient since they use regular detergents that you can buy in any store, even convenience stores.

There are several models of each type of washer on the market made by well-known brands. Consider the space in your home and the features you like best when you compare agitator top-loading washers. Even if you buy a budget washer, you'll have all the features and functions needed to get your laundry clean.

Pricey machines may have more to offer, but they aren't always needed unless you have a hobby or profession that gets your clothes stained and dirty on a regular basis or if you want a high-capacity washer to handle big loads. Compare models and features when you shop for your new washer so you'll love the machine you buy for many years. Contact a company that sells washing machines to learn more.