What To Expect When Buying Below Wholesale Appliances

Buying appliances at the wholesale cost provides an excellent opportunity to save money. However, buying below wholesale sends the savings to an entirely different level. Whether it's a series of refrigerators for rental properties or washing machine and dryer combos for a laundry facility, if you shop correctly, you can save a great deal of money. If you've never shopped at the below wholesale level, learn about some of the things you should expect.

Quantity Minimums

A recognizable difference between buying at wholesale and buying below wholesale are the quantity minimums. Each vendor has the right to set their threshold for orders, but on average, there is a significant difference between the wholesale and below wholesale ordering requirements. 

For instance, a distributor might offer wholesale pricing at 10 orders, but not offer below wholesale pricing until order 30. Search different companies to see which ones best meet your needs so that you don't feel obligated to order more than you need to, as the quantity minimums vary between distributors.

Model Restrictions

Buying at the below wholesale level generally means that your orders are model restricted. It's not to say that you can only purchase a certain model of appliance, but instead, that you need to order multiple of the same model to qualify for the pricing. 

For example, if you order 10 refrigerators of one model and 10 of another, your order quantity is only 10, not 20. Only orders for the same model will generally count toward the minimum requirement. Research a specific model of appliance you think will work best, as you will need to order plenty of the same one.  

Healthy Relationships 

A positive relationship with a below wholesale appliance distributor is very important. You can build and maintain a healthy relationship with a distributor by always meeting your terms and working with the same company for repeat orders. A good relationship with the distributor can offer you everything from special pricing to first alerts about new appliances they have in stock. 

In some instances, if you are a return customer, the company might also allow you some leverage when it comes to the quantity minimums of your orders, which will offer you greater flexibility and the opportunity to save even more money. 

When it comes to your exact experience, the wholesaler you partner with will have a lot to do with your experience. Be sure to ask questions and collect as much information as you need so that you know what to expect when dealing with below wholesale appliances.